Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thirsty (for water) Thursday

Its another fabulous day in the midwest. Days like these really get me excited for the summer and to be on our boat that we have on the River. Probably my favorite place to be. And when I think about the boat, I think about wanting to look good in my swimsuit... that I want to be, dare I say it? A.... Bikini! As I committed to last night - I did go for my jog. I've modified my workout in such a way that I am participating in the P90x strength training workouts (3x a week), and then modifiying a version of Couch to 5k for cardio (3x a week)... I have some experience running, so I picked up the Couch to 5k running program at week 5 and I plan on turning it into a 10k running program when the C to 5k portion is done in three weeks.

I also think that I may have committed today to a 1/2 marathon relay (each person runs half) the first weekend of August. Assuming my relay partner Gina and I don't get a bug up our ass to try to do the whole thing?!?!

Still have to say... not a fan that 90% of weight loss... or whatever the figure may be... is done in the kitchen. But little steps eventually will get me where I need to be. Not going to sweat it too much. I want a lifestyle change and to sport this swimwear this summer... miracles not required, but changes and a better selfesteem? Coming right up!


  1. Couch 2 5K &'s the thing to do! :)

  2. Oh the miracle of Air Brushing - Special Note - That is not my goal!