Monday, April 12, 2010

Poll Question - Goals

This boot camp requires us to commit to weekly goals - and as such - rewards and consequences for meeting or failing to meet said goals. I'm looking for some fresh rewards/consequence ideas and also - beyond a weightloss number goal - what are some other goals that you have?  We have goals for weekly, 5 weeks through the program, and at the end of the program. Simply put:
  1. What are your non-weight # goals?
  2. What are some ideas for consequences for not making a goal?
  3. What are some non-food related rewards?


  1. 1. Set a fitness level goal (be able to do X amnt of push ups, run x far, etc) You should tie it into your race somehow since you are already training for it!
    2. For me a good consequence would be no TV for a few days or a week. I don't watch it nearly as much as I used to, but still more than I need to. I think something like that non food/exercise related might be good.
    3. I always like to pick material things out that I want for these (get my nails done, buy a new purse that I want, etc) My final reward for reaching my goal weight is a new wardrobe & professional pictures with me and Sky.

  2. I'd say set a personnal goal that has nothing to do with you with weight loss if that's an option. Then you can work on something that's not working out and feel good about another accomplishment.
    For a consequence you could prohibit yourself from a weekend of boating as that is your number 1 enjoyment in the summer....just saying:-)
    Reward; something to support other goal? ie if you're trying a new hobby, then something to help that goal along or make it more exciting.


    That picture idea is fantastic!

  3. Here are mine!

    1. Do a pullup unassisted eventually. Had wanted to do that by my 30th birthday but that is fast approaching!
    2. I would say most often I restrict myself from buying something I want like new jeans or something like that. So it's more like a reverse reward!
    3. I really want Rock and Republic jeans, but I think my butt is too big. When I hit my goal, I'll let myself buy them!

    PS - I was so cranky this week too! Maybe it's going around!