Monday, April 19, 2010

Can't it just be official already?

I'm a little number obsessive right now... as Friday is Blogerville Weighin Day and I thought today was WI day for boot camp - but nope - not til Wednesday. Can't I just record my official loss of a pound already? And then I can finally reap my bootcamp reward of a pedicure? My pastey MN winter feet are dying for a little R&R. Its not that I'll be giving up for a day until next week, but the Gen Y-er in me is craving some recognition from the scale and the bootcamp trainer. I just want it to be made official that I've done my part to not have to be punished as a group or as an individual. I guess its a good reminder in discipline and not receiving that instant gratification that I typically desire from weight loss. Or I'm just impatient and there is no flipping lesson!

I boot camped this morning, have had good food today, and plan on at least heading out for a walk tonight after work.... and while my mom is grilling her Awesome Mom burgers, I'll be eating Chicken. Again. Oh, if only I enjoyed fish, as this limited array of pork and chicken as my go-to lean protein choice gets a little old. I'm trying to experiment with different ways of cooking and new marinades though to keep things interesting. And I finally found a salad that I don't think is awful - its the Fresh Express Asian Supreme salad, so I'm trying to keep that introduced to me and hopefully expanding my pallet to more rabbit foods.

Feeling strong today though, and trying to be thankful that I have a body that is strong enough to live up to the challenges I'm giving it right now. And even though I'm one of those people that worries far too much about the things I can't control, and worries about the things I can control but I haven't been discipline enough to change them, my mind is strong too. Thank you for all of the little material things that make up my well-protected life. Thank you for friends I talk to often, those that are still friends, even though we don't talk as much, and thank you for being the type of person that can make new friends in the future. Thank you for giving me the courage to step up and be the kind of big sister I want to be. Thank you for all of the things that I can't begin to appreciate. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You.

For Mrs. L... who is enduring right now for a second time what no parent should have to at any age. Be strong, you gave all that you could. You are in my prayers.  

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