Wednesday, April 14, 2010


My attitude could only be described as Cranky right now. I had a TOUGH boot camp workout this morning and I don't think my energy ever really recovered. I also forgot that I had plans to meet my friend for lunch today (I knew something was going on!) so we went out to eat and it just seemed like decent selections were hard to come by...  I ordered a flatbread - that didn't advertise that it was covered in cheese (the other selections said cheese) - and I realize its one meal and I ate only a tiny portion, but I totally felt unprepared and got frustrated by my choice. That and the waitress was slow so I was late getting back to work, then had coworkers requesting everything under the sun. All petty stuff, yes. But it certainly compounded into one heck of a headache. Tonight is grocery store night - so I'm currently writing a list - so when I get there I don't make impulse buys like a pint of chocolate ice cream. Ugh - I think my irritability may also have just been a catalyst in a fight between me and my S.O.

Like when Amanda, my BC trainer was pushing us to the edge this morning, "Remember why you want this and keep going."


  1. And remember your secret word is discipline...if it was easy, everyone would be doing it! I love & HATE that phrase. Like duh, I already know it's hard, you don't have to make that point:-)

  2. Hi hon - thanks for following me! We're all planning a trip to Chicago to meet other bloggies if you're interested! Thanks for you comment on my blog today too!