Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Monday

Nothing new or particularly insightful in today’s blog. (Is there ever?). My blogging WI on Friday resulted in a whopping 1.0 loss… which BTW – Thinking I’m switching WI’s to Wednesdays so it is the same as my boot camp WI. My birthday is on Saturday, so I’m already thinking about how hard and dedicated I have to be this week to my body – as I intend to celebrate my birth with champagne Saturday night.

I was SO nervous for boot camp this morning. It was cardio day with Trainer Amanda. Last cardio day with her I was wrecked for the rest of the day, so today’s workout was challenging, but we ended up with playing dodge ball for about the last 5 minutes, where the punishment for getting hit by a ball was 30 jumping jacks or 30 jumping lunges. I’m going to need a refresher on the rules of dodge ball because I did an extreme amount of jumping, and a very little amount of playing. I either a) I suck at dodge ball b) I’m far too honest and did punishments every time I deserved or c) I don’t know the rules and did more jumps than necessary. Such is life. Not that I can’t use the extra cardio, that’s for sure.

I took Friday and Sunday off from the gym, had a great workout Saturday, and pushed myself extra hard because I knew my dinner options would be limited as we had a catered family affair to attend. I splurged on a fabulous piece of cake but really enjoyed it because I knew I worked it off at the gym that morning.

As a conservative estimate, I figure my calorie burn is about 2,400-2,700 per day. I think a new and more unique goal for me is to have one day a week when I push that above 3,000, or have a day that I get in an extra 30-60 minutes of moderate+ exercise. If its beneficial for the body and metabolism to have one meal per week that is higher calorie than typical, maybe the same works for activity?

The boss, the boss's boss, and the boss's boss's boss (aka the Owner) of my company are out of the office this afternoon and I'm certainly enjoying my solitude.

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  1. Man I miss dodgeball. I havent played since I was a kid!

    what an awesome way to get in a workout though and have fun! Well...except for the punishment part!