Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Protein

One last thing.... I ran out of my whey protein yesterday. Well, I had half a serving yesterday, but today, all gone. I've ordered more, and I realize there are worse things in life than being out of whey protein. However, I can't believe what a difference it makes in my day! I'm sluggish right now, hungry, tired, a little cranky. I'm seriously contemplating running to GNC over lunch for a little bag until my big bag get delivered at work Friday, my PTO day. I don't think I can make it the next 5 days without it.

I'm hooked. Isopure Dutch Chocolate Whey Protein - you're the one for me.

I know. I just blogged about Whey Protein. I'm so lame and apologize to the 18 people that randomly take time out of their lives to see what I say feel the need to contribute to the world.


  1. for what it's worth - i use Pure Protein. it was highly recommended to me by a fitness professional as well as a personal trainer who is in competitions. i found it to be great AND cheap.

    i get it at Target:

    it's bound to be much cheaper than whatever you are paying at GNC.

    i mix it with Cranberry juice and surprisingly - it tastes good even though it's vanilla and cranberry. i don't drink it any other way.

    just a suggestion.


    turc1656 *at*

  2. heee - don't apologize - we love you!

  3. I picked up a can of Pure Protein at walgreens off the clearance rack. It was the best I had tasted yet! Glad to hear I can get it a Target!

  4. Nora, it sounds like Protein is your catnip...

  5. I've never heard of anyone being juiced up on whey protein before...