Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Game Time Substitution

First it was all P90x all of the time. Then, P90x and Couch to 5k meshed. Now, I’ve signed up for something tried and true – and really does work for me. Or works with me. Look Good Naked Boot Camp. This is one of those kicks-your-behind 4x-a-week for 10 weeks programs that I did with my boyfriend last summer – and after completing that program – my self-esteem was the highest it had been in years. The founder, Sara J. was a terrific coach, along with two other trainers / slave drivers Adam & Jacqui. It was truly an all encompassing wellness program – there was an exercise component, accountability with weekly weigh-in rewards/consequences, conference calls about different aspects of health management needs. A really terrific program so while I don’t hold myself accountable to my P90x goals (Sorry Tony – I realize you’d lead me to results – but working out in my living room, next to my pal, the couch – doesn’t do it for me.) I will have boot camp to kick my butt. I think I am gym-dependant!

That starts Monday (4/12), and I’m anxiously awaiting the assessment to compare what I’ve done to my body since last fall when I completed my first boot camp session. Now, while I’ll be participating in boot camp Monday-Thursdays at 5:30 am, this time I am taking the express class, which is 30 minutes long, compared to the normal 1-hour long boot camp I took last summer. I am doing this, because I really want to get my strength and resistance training in, while still following through on the Couch to 5k program, which will eventually turn into a 10k training program while participating in boot camp. Also – I still really like AbX & Core Synergistics, and plan on keeping those routines mixed in on Friday, Saturday, and Sundays when I’m not at boot camp.

Anyway, I am so happy to be doing another round of boot camp. It’s really hard for me to motivate myself to workout with my boyfriend at home and not participating in the program… And I would imagine I’m not the only person that has to overcome that hurdle and me participating in boot camp is what will launch me over the hurdle. I really am finding that through this blogging experience, that things that would have allowed me to quit trying in the past (such as not really having the drive to push through P90x at home), blogging forces me to figure out a fitness plan that I think will really become adapted to my life while still accomplishing my goals. So there’s that. Bear with me, folks! What a ride its becoming. I think I may need a name change for my blog.


  1. I changed the name of my blog, and will probably do it again. Do it! Good luck with boot camp!