Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Approaching Weekend

My blogging official weigh in is tomorrow - but I had to peek on the scale today... and I'm crossing my fingers for good things and this morning wasn't a fluke. Especially because I've been very careful about what's being shoved into my face (actually - now there's more eating, less shoving). Based of the amount of work it takes to eat a meal now, with planning and careful measuring, I'm too exhausted to shove. Alright alright. Maybe I'm being a tad dramatic there, but still. Food tracking and planning can easily take the time of a part time job. I spent a good 2 1/2 hours at the store last night... and most of what I bought was on the perimeter of the store, as I'm trying to cut back on that highly processed, perservative-laden food that I've been having a love affair with for years now. I'm not saying we're done seeing each other forever, our bond is too close for that, but sometimes when you grow up (after you've grown a few inches or more out), you also grow apart. And that's my story.

Oh - and for those curious - my weekly consequence for not meeting my bootcamp goal is a 100-Push Up day, my reward is a rotating reward of a mani, pedi, or a massage. (Thanks, Kelli) I'm still working on Long Term goals - but one that I've had for a long time that I forgot about until blogger Alissa reminded me, that I want a pair of Seven jeans. I plan on making a few more long term, more definitive goals, but they have to be meaningful to me. Brainstorming will continue.

Rock on!

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  1. Can't wait to see your weigh in; you've got it girl!