Monday, October 11, 2010

Cardio Slips Away!

Wow... so I've been getting back into the routine of tracking what I eat via Weight Watchers everyday... and believe me, this weekend was filled with point totals that could have been the weights in pounds of elementary school kids. Yikes. Anyway. What's done is done... well, consumed and digested anyway. All that's left is a successful week this coming week. It will be a good week. Now I just have to make the decisions that support that.

I'm also back at the gym. A couple of days last week I had to miss and I was so frustrated by the life events that interrupted hitting the gym, but my BF reminded me that its still the beginning. Its not like I'm in the middle of my marathon training where each workout will be a lot more important. My goal is to start my marathon training down 20# from today scary weight.

As referenced in my post title - while working out at the gym - I am AMAZED at how quickly the cadio endurance I developed during boot camp slipped away from me! How does it go away so quickly? I know I can get it back, but just running over the weekend it was SO much tougher than just a month or two ago.

Question - has anyone every done the VO max cardio testing? What about the Bod Pod body fat measuring tool?

Alright. So not one of my better blog posts here... I promise posts of substance will come back soon, but deadlines and billing and numbers and problem solving has seemed to suck my creative writing ability out of me today.