Monday, April 12, 2010

And today's secret word is.... DISCIPLINE!

I hardly slept last night with this nervous excitement about Boot Camp this morning... which made leaping, okay, stumbling out of bed this morning at 4:45 am a little easier. It was a great workout. One of the new Boot Camp coaches, Amanda, is great.(Whew - the endorphins must still be pumping from this morning) She gave us a tough workout, and is so fun and full of energy, that her attitude at least made the boot camp environment a little easier. No sarcasm needed here - I really felt good through the whole class to be working hard and holding myself accountable again... not to mention - in a room with six other women - nobody wants to be the underachiever in class! Although - right now - my thighs (as today's theme was "legs") are starting to turn into cold rubber bands. I'm looking forward to crawling up my stairs to bed tonight.

I'm feeling more than a little fuzzy at the moment between this morning's early call time, my Claritin, and a VERY long day at work so far - and I'm hoping this little break helps me make it til 5. Anyway - what I wanted to get out blog wise today is a little deeper than typical blah blah day-2-day crap. I went to church yesterday with my friend Gina, and the message was all about discipline. It was one of those days where you think the message is delivered right to you - and this is one of those contemporary churches so the message is really delivered in a practical way... but in essence - have the discipline to do today that will support what you want tomorrow. So I practiced this yesterday in a number of ways:
  1. I took all of my workout clothes out of their drawers and my closet and folded them on a shelf that is out in the open, staring at me every time I walk into my bedroom.
  2. I portioned out the entire bag of pretzels I bought into single serving snack bags.
  3. I prepared my work clothes and packed my gym bag since I wouldn't be heading home between the gym and work today.
  4. I actually put away ALL OF MY CLOTHES that usually stays in the laundry basket until next time I wear them. And then - I ironed all of my work and dress pants for the week.
  5. I made my lunch for today as well.
Now - its funny - because none of those are big, time consuming projects, but I always say that I'm going to do stuff like that - but I never do, therefore making me rush in the morning so I don't pack a lunch, don't hit the gym, don't dress as nice for work, etc. And I just have to say - It was SO nice this morning not having to do that crap! "No discipline seems pleasant at the time. It seems painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who've been trained by it." (Hebrews 12:11).

Alright. Enough deep thoughts today. My brain just can't take it. And BTW - please remind me in a few days when I'm unable to move that at one point - I said Amanda was Great. :) Tomorrow I'll try to return to my sarcastic, sassy self.

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