Monday, September 20, 2010

Every Damn Day Just Do It!

Alright. I'm back. And feeling as heavy and out of shape as every. Since about the 4th of July, things have been pretty chaotic with the real world... After this last week of chaos coming up - that's it. Things should be settled and I'll be out of excuses. Plus- I also ran to the mall over lunch to find some new work clothes. Short of bursting into tears in the dressing room - I walked out with new workout gear instead.

Let me mention the biggest change I've decided to make. Who will be running the 35th annual Grandma's Marathon in Duluth next June? Yep. This girl. Yes - I said next June. I've got plenty of time to get my act together. My game plan is over the next few months, I plan on losing a few lbs with Weight Watchers and then January, it will begin my 26 weeks of marathon training. I'm using a bit of an extended plan, but after all the research I've done, it is the most realistic plan for me. I will be using Jeff Galloway's marathon book as my guide. I've also finished the book "The Nonrunner's Marathon Guide for Women". She was a novice runner that took the marathon bull by the horns and advice in "rookie" terms.

Why a marathon??? My dad has completed many marathons... I've spent many mornings on race courses as a kid, waiting for him to finish and they are some of my favorite mornings growing up. My college internship was also with the Twin Cities Marathon - and I almost cry watching people cross the finish line. I think its that cool to do. So I made a promise to myself to run a marathon by the time I'm 30. Well, that leaves me with two more summers to accomplish this goal, and no good reason to wait until the very last minute or summer as it may be. The countdown is on... 3 months to get moving and drop some lbs then I'll take that slender body out for hundreds of miles of training runs.  Its about damn time I find a goal and stick with it... and finally I have one that really really means a lot to me. Do me a favor? Remind me of that over the next 9 months, mmmkay?????