Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Beautiful Day in the Midwest!

I would be fibbing if I told you I didn't want to go home and have a Corona on the deck... It is unseasonably warm in the Twin Cities today, sunny, and downright fabulous weather. Instead, after my chiro appointment tonight, I am going to go home and go for a jog outside. I mapped out a 2.5 mile path today on my way in to work, so I think instead of doing CardioX or Plyo, I'm going to go for an easy run... I realize it may not have the intensity that P90x has, but I have to get outside!

Nothing new or particularly insightful... just had a few minutes and figured if I blogged about my run - I would have to follow through with it, especially with my "public" weigh in Friday. Hope everyone has a fabulous, goal-supporting night!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Lean with your head and your body will follow.

What you don’t know is that this is actually my second blog attempt for the day. The first one I wrote, read, and re-read and realized I sounded like quite the Sorry Sally so I decided to scrap it and refresh my blog with a better point of view. Straight from the source: I’ve sucked at P90x the last week…. But between my Monavie energy drink I tried today, and the 30 minute walk I went for over my lunch hour in the beautiful spring weather, I’m feeling really good right now. Amazing for a Monday! Anyway, after work and my chiro appointment tonight, I’m going to give my all to P90x. I read a post last week from the P90x FB page about missing a day and what to do and I really enjoyed Tony’s response, which was not to beat yourself up, but to move on, but don’t miss a week and wonder why you aren’t getting results. I keep wondering if I keep looking for excuses to quit. Why? I don’t know. The only thing I can chalk it up to is this aversion to failing that I have. Don’t you know its way better to just not try than to fail? That doesn’t make any sense!

A big thing that I’ve been recognizing lately in the blogs I like to follow is that people are either establishing or re-affirming WHY they want to lose weight in the first place. The generic answer for me is to of course lose weight (I imagine this to be a Sz 8)… but what else does that mean to me? Well, I guess it means that I want to be strong and healthy, and to not have a self-esteem that is in the tanker. My sister (in 11th grade) is extremely fit and I would love to be able to run road races with her someday and for me to be able to keep up with her. We did a 5k together a year and a half back – just after she was done with her cross country season – she hardly broke a sweat and I barely finished in 36 minutes. Just over a mile in, I had to tell her to go and run ahead, otherwise, she would have risked actually fallen asleep while running. Back when I was a runner, I had a 5k personal best of 21 minutes and some odd seconds.

While on my walk today, I was thinking about these goals and if you can’t achieve the short-term ones, my longer term goals will never come. And it reminded me of a piece of running advice I received while participating in one of those 10-week long boot camp style workout sessions last summer, and it was to lean forward a little bit with your head when you run, because your body will find it easier to naturally keep moving forward, rather than leaning back. Then it occurred to me – lean with the head, and the body will follow. Now in an attempt to get a little deep here, I realized it’s the same metaphor for becoming healthy. Get in the right frame of mind with deciding what foods to eat and pushing yourself to not only work out, but work a little harder while working out, and the results I want from my body, will follow. Eh? How about that! Lead with your head (mentally and physically) and your body will follow.

Things to watch for:
  • I plan on updating my blog with daily, weekly, monthly and my longer term goals. (Per “Winning by Losing” by Jillian Michaels so you can see what I’m going after.
  • My weight tracker. I’m not quite ready to expose my before pictures publically yet, but I am going WAY outside my comfort zone and sharing my weight, gulp, publically. Fridays will be my official weigh-in days. Hold me accountable, people!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Homer Simpson

I just need a quick vent - I am TRYING to learn how to like salad. Really. I am. But I am one step above gagging through my lunch today. I didn't always like beer, and I learned how to like beer. Same thing with bloody mary's. Why not salad? I'm even trying to reframe my thinking to "I love salad.". Alright - thats it. I'm trying. I'm trying. I'm trying.

Halfway done. Today's little victory will be if I don't throw up my salad on my desk. It doesn't help that I have this old Simpson's episode in my head where Lisa becomes a vegitarian and Homer & Bart prance around singing a song, "You don't make friends with sal-ad. You don't make friends with sal-ad."

Monday, March 22, 2010

Do your best and forget the rest...

That's today's motto for sure. I don't really have anything new or insightful to say today... but my cluttered mind does feel better after a quick blog. Here's the thoughts of the day:

Target: I went to Target over the weekend and spotted a cute bikini. Ambitious, right? Well, my thought was, I would take a now picture in that swimsuit and then plaster that image in my head until I've completed P90x where I can then take an after picture. Turns out, I couldn't get my ass into the swim bottoms, so I didn't even bother with the top. I think that swimsuit is more than one round of P90x away. Good intentions, sour results. The quest continues for swimwear that will continue to motivate me until summer. Oh - and instead of a bikini, I purchased new workout shorts, when I really wanted to head to the frozen food section and pick up a pint of Haagen Daaz chocolate chocolate chip ice cream. Little Victories, right?

Diet this weekend: I would say it was a good 50/50. We had pizza Friday night, but I didn't eat the portions I typically would (you know - half a pizza to match my bf). He has started tracking is food... and sheesh. No wonder I've gained some serious poundage since we've been dating. I eat like a MAN! My BMR is over 1,000 calories less than what his is per day, and being the champ I am, can hang in there bite for bite with him - and can even cross the caloric finish line ahead of him. Gross! I just had one of those epiphany moments where even though I knew that was the case before, somehow it finally just clicked in me. What an eye opener to acknowlege just how out of whack my portions have been lately. I had some alcohol - an entire bottle of wine and then some - and it really drives me nuts to not only feel dehydrated, but my skin looks like shit! No other way to say it, sorry! Not only that - but I didn't get my legs & back x workout in. Ugh. Its so frustrating when in retrospect I can see those self-destructive behaviors - that of course, were fun at the time. Whatever though - what we dwell on we do well on, so I'm not going to dwell on the negative aspects of the weekend, but how excited I am to BRING IT this week.


 - Stay under 1,600 calories / 30 ww points.
 - Get in my P90x workouts in everyday before work the rest of the week - doing my best and forgetting the rest.
 - Water, Water, Water!
 - Pack my own lunch at work everyday!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Honesty is the Best Policy

As I reflect back on what was my first week of P90x, I grade myself a C at best. I didn't get the protein shake yet, didn't do my grocery shopping so I would have my best meals at my disposal, I never took my before pics and measurements, and I want to get a set of heavier weights and a band. I know, excuses excuses. I rushed myself into this thing with out being prepared - and the little bit of Type A personality I have does not respond well to such poor planning! If this thing is going to get 90 days, I want to do it right, for maximum results. Already on my schedule for tonight, instead of drinking the green beers with my friends, I've got a list for Super Target a mile long, and my new dedication and attitude, I've decided Today is really going to by my P90x day one. And I'm okay with that, and really excited. Its nice that I've done a week of the exercises, so I know what I'm doing. I also plan on doing the "classic" version rather than the lean.

Fun tip of the day is that I'm also becoming gung-ho on my favorite blackberry app called "Fat Secret." Its an awesome tool that can track everything that goes into my mouth - and even calculates measured weights for me. You can track your calories, fat, fiber, WW points - lots of options! You can even sync your phone to their online site. Probably my favorite feature? Its FREE!

I'm totally on Day 2 soreness from legs - and although my right ass-cheek soreness has seemed to simmer down a touch - now my calves feel extra shot. It is that GOOD sore though. After a yoga session a few weeks ago that made me believe I caused serious damage to my right hamstring, (see what an attention whore the right side of my body is?) I thought that I was crazy ever thinking that a workout caused a good sore.

Enough rambling for today. Looking forward to a busy and productive St. Patties Day. Maybe I'll have a green lemon sparkling water to celebrate.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Right Ass Cheek Dominant

So I guess this whole P90x thing in combination with blogging about my experience is forcing me to learn things about myself. Like that I’m right ass-cheek dominant. Yowzaa! After last night’s first go at legs and back on P90x, I feel as though today, my right butt cheek has the same fabulousness as a J.Lo or Kim Kardashian rear end. Which leads me to the discovery that I must be right ass-cheek dominant. My right glut got far more attention then its left side twin because it is Sore Sore Sore today. Every move that was performed last night, I felt like this strong power woman on the right side, and like a drunken uncoordinated clown on the left side. So looks like next week’s go at Legs and Back, I’ll need to provide extra special attention to the left side. I’d hate for the left side to feel neglected or seem any less fabulous than its counterpart.

I can’t believe how it’s only been a few days of the program and I really feel much stronger! Especially because it’s an in-house work out. Oh, and last night’s workout had an audience… My BF showed up halfway through my workout and got sucked into the DVD. Granted, he just watched the DVD, and claimed he was becoming tired just watching it, I think he may have actually been inspired enough to give the DVD’s a try! Before I got home from work, he really tempted me to skip my workout when he asked what I had planned for the evening. AND I WAS SO TEMPTED TO SKIP!!!! It made me realize just how critical having someone at home that supports you to do this program is! I’m hoping, that even though he doesn’t seem like the guy that would do an at home workout, I really want him to start, because I think it will help me follow through. We also agreed that we are going to try not to eat at 7 at night anymore.

Part of my 90 days to a better me is that I’m seeing a new chiropractor that is focused on providing “total health” care. So I’ll have 4 weeks of visits to help rid me of my chronic headaches and there is also a nutritional component that reviews what foods are in my system and what nutrients that I’m missing. I’m not looking forward to the obvious – that I have too many white, starchy, refined carbs in my system (mmm… pizza, garlic bread, alcohol, and ice cream) but, I like the idea of getting third party support as I try to add things into my life that are good for me, and portion control all of the things I love and usually end up binging on.

Good luck to all the ladies out there that are trying to own their day and their actions. For some of us, it’s a struggle every meal to choose the right thing, or to get that work out in, but slowly and surely, we will conquer our challenges and OWN our goals. BRING IT!

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Ruined Meal is Not a Ruined Day/Week/Month

Not gonna lie. I had a GREAT weekend... minus the emotional baggage from not following my diet very closely.  Friday night, even after one of the longest afternoons at work ever, I managed to go home and complete Day 2 of P90x. It felt great and my bf even managed to occupy himself for an hour so I didn't need to workout with an audience.  Saturday was a great day. I spent some time with my little sisters, then my bf and I went out to lunch - where the meal was fine, but I had  cocktails. I can't say that I'm forbidding myself to drink or anything, but what I need to do is remind myself what I'm losing out on by drinking - all those empty calories! I should say though, what I'm *not* losing by drinking. I got in my workouts, I was going to try to double up one day so I'm only a week behind my friend Gina in the program, but I think I'll just work through my rest day instead.

The YogaX is a little long for me. Its not so much the yoga - but I wish the program had a little more energy to it. The slow pace made it harder for me to focus - but maybe that's what I'll get out of the DVD is the ability to reign in my thoughts some.

I didn't plan and bring a lunch today - so I think its a Panera "You Pick Two" day for me. Soup and Salad.... I'll look online and plan out my most nutritous option.

One thing that has to get done tonight is my assessment... I can't say that taking pictures of myself right now is all that exciting - but maybe its those pictures I should put on my fridge and cellphone wall paper. Oy. That would remotivate me any time.

Congratulations to Gina - she had a victory with a pair of jeans yesterday and she absolutely energizes me to keep going!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wahoo! Day 1 down!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So here I am.

So here I am. Yet another attempt at "getting healthy". You name it, I've probably tried it. So how did a morning radio DJ and a friend convince me that P90x was finally the solution I've been looking for? Good Question. Maybe its that group mentality? I'll let you know once I figure it out. Oh, and did I mention? I'm a quitter too. I'm awesome at the 3-day effort. Heck. Maybe even a week. And if I'm feeling extra motivated, I'll maybe make it 3 whole weeks. So what is it about P90x that is going to be different?

I've decided that I'm going to drownd myself in accountability this time. First things first - for the first time in my technology surrounded life, I'm going to BLOG my experience. And you know what? I'm tired of quitting... which really might be more of a combination of being too lazy to try and being afraid of failure. Maybe its easier to just quit than to try and fail? But... I can't even give myself the chance to succeed without finally following through on something. It is only 90 days of my life... and actually, its 12 weeks of a 7 day program, so only 84 days. Heck, I finished college when there was no end in sight. Why not P90x? Finally. I'm making a decision to finish.

So enough of the emotional blah blah blah reasons to do P90x. Straight up. I want to look good in my swimsuit dammit. I'm in my twenties and I've never felt great in a suit and now I want to. High 5 to vanity. I've never been super fat - but the last few years... I think I've had reverse body image issues... you know, where you look in the mirror and think "Not Bad" and then you see a picture of yourself and think "Yikes! Is that me?".

I've got my DVD's, my manuals, and no doubt some unflattering pictures to take tonight. I'll report back soon.