Tuesday, April 20, 2010

That person...

When my alarm goes off at 4:45 am, and I subconsciously rise out of bed, I’m always less than pleased, and perfectly happy that my boyfriend stays in bed, because this is the time of the morning where I can be the nastiest, angriest bitch I know - to a point, where I almost scare myself and typically fight the urge to throw a mean temper tantrum circa “3-year-old-only-child -1986-me”. My poor, dear BFF Abby has witnessed this – and has sometimes been the brunt of these extreme mood swings (Here is my public apology, gal!). About twenty minutes into my pre-boot camp morning, after I’m done stumbling around, slipping down the stairs, and bouncing into walls (so not even kidding – you’d think I was a raging alcoholic still drunk from the night before with my sever lack of coordination), I head out the door into me fresh morning air. I walk to my car in my ultra-safe suburban neighborhood with my key in hand – incase of random encounter with an attacker, although more likely a raccoon or deer. I get it, I’m an unstable freak in the morning. However, after cranking some good tunes on the 15 minute drive to the gym, I somehow transform into a cheerleader. The type of person had my earlier self run into - would have punched. I don’t get how anyone can stand me! I’m so perky and loving life. My boot camp workout does this to me. I get up and I’m so happy to be there working my body. Certainly during class there are times I can’t figure out why I’m there – but my whole day is a better day with my morning workout. And without having to leave and go to the gym and have my attendance taken – there’s no way I could hold myself accountable and head out on my own. Even my eating habits in the past year have transformed from “AM Workout=Eat whatever you want the rest of the day” to “AM workout=Don’t put all that hard work to waste (or waist).”

With that said – a goal that I have is to get myself to workout on my non-boot camp mornings on Fridays and Saturdays, and use Sunday as a day of rest. It absolutely sets the stage for me to have a much better, less excuses filled day.

Last bit of info today is to check out Blogger Sarah and Operation Size 8. She is doing her first giveaway - so log on and see how you can join in the fun! Also - Stephanie is a P90x-er new to blogging and looking for followers - check her out too!


  1. hahaha this makes me laugh. I am so like that in the morning's too. I should really consider doing my workouts in the morning though.

  2. Sounds like me in the mornings!

    I have the hardest time with AM workouts so more power to you... you're my inspiration!