Monday, May 17, 2010

Whiny Blog... Consider Yourself Warned.

So this is the blog where I whine and pout through the whole thing. As noted above – consider yourself warned.

I’m pissed off because the last week – I SUCKED at food. Ugh. My diet calendar screams at me in the red “in excessive of my RDI” for the past few days… now, my RDI (recommended daily intake) that I’m shooting for is 1600 calories, so if I ever go above that, that’s when these annoying red percentages (110%, 138%... 187%!) you get the picture. Not every day results in a day where I consume more calories than I burn – but I’ve not been chasing after that glorious green # of staying under my RDI. I’m just so pissed off at myself for these decisions I’ve been making. And I SEE exactly what’s been happening, and I make these decisions with every meal, and I even think about what I *should* eat, but I blow it off anyway. Dammit. I just need to get back in the right state of mind.

I made it to Spin on Saturday so I got some exercise in, but yesterday, while it was a FANTASTIC day (we anchored out on Lake Pepin with fellow boaters), I drank too much alcohol, leading me to have to spend the night on our houseboat, and I missed boot camp this morning. Not to mention, I feel like a GIANT loser for having a hangover on Monday. At work. I’m trying to be positive and think how much fun yesterday was, and that no, I don’t make decisions like that often. But I’m just frustrated and disappointed in myself. I’ve been doing so well this time, and I’ve been throwing it away the past week.

I know what I’m doing wrong. I know what’s done is done. I know I need to move on and let it go. But it doesn’t make it any easier to do so. I’m really disappointed I let discipline slide and disappear from my life the past week. Its time to get it back.

So here I am. Hungover, at work, on a Monday, sunburned, and disappointed. Time to make a grocery store trip and pull myself out of this Sorry Sally funk. We've all been there. We all know what needs to be done. But can I have a pity party today and whine? Ugh. 210 minutes of work left, then I can leave and punish myself with the P90x Chest and Back DVD to make up for this morning's missed workout because I sure do love working out with a hanger. Blah.


  1. First of all, cute new blog!
    Secondly, if you don't want any advice, don't read further:-)
    Thirdly, if you do, maybe re-watch that on-line sermon on discipline?
    Fourth, think of the push-ups!
    Fifth, maybe you can do really good today & tomorrow and still see some progress Weds.
    morning at weigh in?
    I believe in will master this!

  2. haha love it! Hang overs blow! Like Gina said...Kill it tomorrow and maybe your weigh in Wednesday will be good still!