Thursday, May 6, 2010

What a Slore!

Coworker from yesterday, after being bothered by her all afternoon, told me that I looked slimmer. I know I took the compliment too personally - and it was more about the fact she said it in front of the skinny snotty coworkers (commenting coworker is not thin) - but then receiving her sincere compliment that I was looking thinner makes me feel angry about being mad at the slore yesterday. Whatever. Set it and Forget it. Actually - that's a Ron Propeal coined term. How about, forget it and move on?

Thursday afternoon and patiently waiting for my frenemy, the weekend to arrive, along with her BFF's alcohol and fatty, greasy, tasty food.

Done with work a little early to watch my youngest sister in a track meet. Happy Thirsty Thursday!

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