Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Still not sweating it...

Calories in/Calories out would lead one to believe that I should have lost about a pound since last Thursday, not a gain of almost 4 lbs! That would be an EXTRA 14,000 calories in 7 days! Funny thing is - yesterday, I bought a pair of size 10 pants for the first time in about 4 years! So what the heck? Still sucks - nobody likes to see that,

Not going to sweat it. Just going to keep focused on my refreshed attitude of planning my meals and keeping my RDI in the green... I got in a little extra workout this morning and I plan on going for a walk over my lunch hour today. It is supposed to be great weather, and I have no car to help me escape any other way.

Starting to think about what my workout challenge will be this weekend, and I'm starting to consider running Soldier's Bluff twice for about a 4-5 mile run, and I would get two mean, long, nasty hill runs in.

Thank you to everyone for the supportive comments on my last few posts. It was a little strange feeling so exposed and honest - instead of trying to sugar coat things in the land of Puppy Dogs and Ice Cream, so thanks for letting me bitch - and again, thanks for the comments. It totally is helping me snap back into Weight loss/Exercise Ninja mode. Here's to making it a good day. Its Wednesday! The work week is half way done!

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  1. yeah, note to JILLIAN MICHAELS - sometimes it's SO not all about calories in/calories out!! and i HATE that!! i bet next week, tho, you see a huge loss... and *sigh* someday maybe i'll make it out of my land of puppy dogs and ice cream, lol! good luck with your running! keep at it!! :)