Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I’ll Show You 2 Onion Rings and Question for Y’all

I’ve been silent the past few days. Very busy at work, and somebody gave their computer a virus yesterday afternoon, shutting down blogging and work-related activities. I’ve started week 5 of boot camp. One fun fact is that last Friday I committed to running up to the top of Memorial Park/Soldier’s Bluff in Red Wing, and I did! It felt great! It was tough, but I totally felt like Rocky at the top. It’s a three-mile loop from my boat to the top of the bluff and back, and it sure was FUN to run down! I’ve reached the conclusion that running is a bit easier when gravity is working with you. Now, not gonna lie, I did do a run/walk combination up the hill, as my heart rate monitor was going off the charts. I think it feels better that I said I was going to run to the top of the bluff, and despite cold weather and sleet while running up the hill, I followed through with something I said I was going to do.

Eating the past few days have been less than stellar. I haven’t hit the grocery store, so I’m running low on all the things that provide me consistency in my diet. Staples like bananas, berries, cottage cheese, string cheese, etc. I’m planning on hitting Spin class tonight because I want my 3,000 calorie burn day, and I’ll easily surpass that with an hour of spin. Its one of those days where I feel like I could go forever – I’m hoping that energy carries on until class later.

Fun stories of the day include:

Didn’t pack a lunch today so just ran to the deli counter and asked for a chicken breast and splurged and asked for a side of onion rings. The b*tch at the counter gave me: 2. .30 cents worth of onion rings. I didn’t realize this until I skipped my chicken and went right for the greasy golden rings of goodness, and couldn’t help but think, WTF? Who gets TWO onion rings? It was the universe telling me to layoff the onion rings, chubby. But dammit. And sure. Now I’m fine with the fact I got two onion rings - it would have sucked having that big calorie & fat-laden food journal entry, but seriously? I’m more just surprised by the deli woman and her stingy onion-ring distributing behaviors.

Second story is not so much of a story – but a brief poll.

1) Has anyone taken a Turbo Kick class? Thoughts/reactions?
2) Has anyone run a half-marathon? How long did it take you to train? Thoughts? What program did you use?

Much love for a happy hump day.


  1. I so want to try spinning - especially if it burns that many cals!

  2. Another pound & a half...LOVE IT!!