Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hulk Thighs, Muffin Top and Moose Knuckles

1) This week’s boot camp weigh in came with a whopping .4 lbs weight loss. I don’t even sarcastically mean whopping, because Monday / aka 4# higher, to have even come in the realm of last week’s WI number would have seemed like quite the accomplishment. And some how, some way – bam! .4 lbs. You’re damn right I’ll take that. Although my kidneys are just a touch sore, I can only imagine from shoving down gallons of water to flush out the sodium left behind from my toxic, yet delicious and satisfying, weekend. Also boot camp related, my M/W trainer and accountability expert Amanda is leaving my gym this week. I'm disappointed she's unable to complete the rest of this boot camp session.

2) Had a moment at lunch today where I really wanted to knock a coworker out. (Coming from HR – I would have to write myself up – therefore creating more work for me.) It may sound silly and a little dramatic that I became so bothered by this, but when I was making my nice chemical-laden bag of microwave popcorn, a coworker asks “Oh, is that on your diet?” This was in front of the 7 women that bring in some sort of treat to the office literally everyday and don’t get fat. (although – we’ve been having bathroom stall issues. Related?) But, I just felt so embarrassed when she called me out on my “diet” in front of other people. For one thing, the word “diet” has this mocking undertone to me, like “what’s your short term solution going to be this time?”. The other thing is that I totally felt called out on my insecurities. “Hello – I know I’m fat, especially compared to all of you.” Ugh. It so irritated me. And between being caught off-guard and the cheery push over that I am. I came back to my office to only sit and think about it the rest of the afternoon.

I’ve wrote about this before, but even on a few of my favorite blogs, this seems to have been coming up, but how do you stay motivated and accepting that this is a lifestyle change. If you want to be thin, healthy, whatever, it has to be more than just a diet until you hit goal?

3) This all probably wouldn’t be such a big deal had I not chosen to wear a pair of Capri’s that last year 10 lbs heavier I thought I could pull off. Yowza. Now the low-rise, muffin-top exposing, if I pull them up I emphasize what on thin women is a camel toe that I lovingly refer to as a Moose Knuckle, and I feel like if I flexed my thighs while sitting, they may just burst out of my Capri’s like the angry and misunderstood Hulk pants are driving me crazy.

And with that lovely imagine to rest your thoughts on, I go.


  1. Wow! What a post! Never heard of moose knuckles before and kindly will pass on seeing them if possible...I totally can picture this skinny, but much older fake nicities woman giving you the retort with a smile, as she's killing you with her "kindness," sounds like it would be worth the extra work you'd have created for yourself. I think when you get further down your weightloss road, you'll find the motivation to make that whole lifestyle change. It's easier when you're able to place your ass (not shove) into an even smaller pair of capris...your new camel toe problem, I can't help with;-)

  2. I hate people commenting on what I eat. Yesterday a co-worker found out about my WLS and told me I made a mistake and was going to die. THANKS. Noted.