Friday, May 21, 2010


From Drazil - "So here we go - 5 questions - funny and serious - to get to know each other better! Join in if you dare!"

1. If you had 3 wishes what would they be and why? (you can't wish for more wishes or money!)(Thanks Steph)
  1. I wish everyone on earth could drink clean water. Water is essential to life, and without that, how is progress expected in other areas of life?
  2. I wish to be able to consume 3,000 calories every day and still be healthy with killer abs. (hey – it’s a wish, right?)
  3. I wish to live a long, happy, healthy life with my significant other. Our parents have poor health and have gone through divorces and already putting spouses in nursing homes and such. I just want us to live happily and healthy together for the rest of our lives.
2. If you had all the money in the world and perfect circumstances - how many children would you have and what sex?

I would like either two girls or twin girls. Maybe a boy first then a girl. Who knows. Health first, gender next! :)

3. Have you ever faked it? (Because I need to laugh...feel free to skip this one if it's too personal.)

No… why reward bad behavior? Lol.

4. What movie character do you think you look like?

I’ve never been told I look like anyone. I’ve been told I have “distinct” or “unique” features. I hope that doesn’t mean I’m funny looking! Haha.

5. Repeat question. Which blog or comment spoke to you or stuck with you this week and why?

Diz from Death by Calories posted yesterday about noticing how other people eat their food. (particularly noticing thin people). I’ve also done that – and I’ve wondered – what does that mean of me for focusing on other people? Or wanting seconds when everyone else stopped halfway through firsts? I also received a lot of supportive comments on my blog which I so appreciate. I think it’s amazing that people take the time to read my posts and read my thoughts. I feel like there are some really terrific blogs that actually HELP people out there, so mine feels kind of irrelevant, or that it doesn’t offer much to other people, so when someone takes the time to read… wow. It’s just so so nice and it makes me want to be a better blogger and a writer. I’m also positive that I will be successful this time in getting rid of these damn 40# that haunt my thoughts all day long BECAUSE of this amazing blogland community. 
I hope everyone has a terrific weekend... I'm running the bluff again and going to kick some ass. Hope you can all do the same!


  1. You and your blog are not irrelevant - you are you and we love you!

  2. Rewarding bad behavior!! LOL. that made me laugh.