Friday, June 4, 2010

Two Ways to Approach This....

Verision 1:
The past week has been great! Not only have I been eating everything that I should be eating and hitting below my calorie goal, I've actually added more vegetables like I've been meaning too for weeks now.  I've hit some two-a-day workouts like I've wanted and really giving it my all during my boot camp workouts. Every molecule of food that's hit my lips has been measured and recorded, and I've cut way back on the processed schtuff.

And if you believe that, I've got a bridge to sell ya.

How I only gained a # this week is beyond me. I've seriously got about 6-8 comments noting that I look thinner in the past week, which you think would have been enough to launch me into the land of puppies and ice cream happiness but alas. No. Self Sabatoge is this week's lifestyle.

I'm tired... I haven't been sleeping well, NO extra workouts, my boot camp workouts I just felt like I had to push myself through them - like my body couldn't keep up with me. Just gross. I'm sore. My ankle has started to bother me. And I've decided. I'm just going to rest this weekend. No workouts. No runs. I need a break. Two days is all I'm asking for.

Food wise - I'd recommend if you have anything salty in front of you while you read this - protect it - I just may leap off this page and snatch it out of your fit, thin, hands. Anyway. Whatevs.

Time to get my head back in the game. This has been two weeks of BS and I'm tired of it.


  1. Kudos on a funny post at least. I totally would have bought your bridge...I was so excited for you reading along and then I felt so duped, so betrayed, LOL! I was just feeling the same way, a break would be nice, I feel like crap, blah, blah, blah. Enjoy your weekend, get some sun & read some smut!

  2. Awww....been there done that...the comments are fun though!

  3. I love bridges! You wouldn't happen to have a Leeuwarden Flying Bridge for sale would-ya? I'll take 2.

    just incase you're wondering:

    <-- Also duped.

  4. hahaha you are hilarious! And I hear ya on the salty snack thing! I tried buying chips last week because I got a lot of sandwich makins and thought that I would be good and just have 1 serving of chips with my lunches along with some fruit...but nope! I plowed right through those bags which reminded myself of why I never buy chips...I'll just eat them!