Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm a Rebel, That's Right.

So at risk of getting fired... or written up... lets face it, I'm in HR and my bosses love me, so probably a good talking to that will make an anal-retentive, nervous planner like myself burst into tears and have a panic attack - here I am sneaking in a quick blog.

Not so much for myself did I sneak on and get my fix, but I HAD to catch up and read everyone else's. I think about the blogger folk and how their weeks are going, and whats been successful and what the challenges have been. I love the place where people, I believe, are their "real" selves, on not always these perfect blow smoke up your ass people.

Anyway - I have no computer or Internet at home right now.... (old computer crashed, therefore no need for the Internet) so I'm now psyching myself up for a new laptop purchase so I can go into my local Dunn Brothers and become a pretentious blogger with my skinny latte's. Okay. Just a Blogger and Bejeweled Junky, as quitting cold turkey is not in this girl's cards.


  1. Be careful! I hope you get internet soon - we miss you!

  2. I would freak without internet. Isn't that sad?!

  3. You go rebel! I'm glad to see you'll still make this happen. Everyone looks forward to your words of wisdom:-)