Thursday, June 10, 2010

Excuse me, What???

Today, I went to have lunch with my blind BFF. I know you guys might have good BFF's, but let me tell you about mine. She used to have a job very close to mine so once a week we were able to meet for lunch and gossip, and laugh, and survive. She had a baby mid-February and had been out on maternity leave. So we still had our lunches, but they were a little longer apart. Fast forward to the week before she is to return back to work, and due to a genetic condition, her eyes give out and she's legally blind. My BFF is so flipping awesome, today she hopped on a city bus for who knows how long, blind and with her four-month old and met me for lunch. It Made.My.Day. Her mom was planning on picking her up from lunch to go to a dr appointment for BFF's dad, and the bomb was dropped. BFF's dad has a brain tumor. I can't believe it. This happens to other people's families... Not BFF's family. Its long winded and complicated, but the family sure could use some prayers after the storm cloud they've been stuck under. It is time for the sun to shine. BFF's family practically is family (they've known me since I was 4 with bladder issues for cryin out loud). I just love BFF and BFF's mom. Such brave, smart, beautiful women.

Anyway - below is what I started before lunch. I'm a little lost for words but I have to say. I'm SO thankful for my health, and my family's health. And my BFF's. And even on these bad days, or I don't feel like working out, and making my body stronger, I will remind myself that I CAN work out. And when I get pissed about a bulge there, or a roll here, a dimples there, there, there, there... and, oops, and there. I will be THANKFUL for my body and give myself a damn break some days. There are worse things in life than an extra slice of 'za. I'm sure I'll still have a bad day, and complain but I hope I can keep things in perspective, and that same ability to keep things in perspective (that eating extra calories everyday will go against being that healthy body), I will reach out and grab the goal that I want and expect myself to accomplish.

Only 4 more boot camp sessions left! I'm so bummed. I've been having a really good time with class this session. Today we did the "One Upper Game". Our trainer sets up various stations, today it was Burpies, Squats, Step-Ups, and Side Shuffles and we keep track how many activities we did in 45 seconds. For example, how many burpies you can do. The first go round I did 27. Then the next time you get to that station, you try to beat that number, so the second time, I got 35. What I love about this is that the second round, I always push myself hard enough, even though I'm winded from the stations before, I beat my score. And that always feels great.

DAMN - Funny Part - So before the big news at said lunch, while BFF was holding baby, some old ladies walked past us and complimented BFF on how precious her daughter was, and turned to me and said: "You must be the proud grandma." Excuse me???  I'm 27 years old, often complimented that I look young for my age and have beautiful skin,  and AND a year and a half younger than BFF. Really? Really? Sheesh. If that old lady's eyes are that bad - I'd rather take my chances with blind BFF driving than that old lady!!!


  1. I'm sorry about your friend and her family. You definately do not look like a grandma!

  2. WOW!! That's horrible news; people do recover from them everyday, so hopefully that's what happens. Perspective is good. I try to remind myself that my grandma probably would have loved to run all of her life & I should because I CAN!! She had a stroke while pregnant with my mom & has had a club foot since. And there's no way you look like a grandma!