Monday, June 7, 2010

1, 2.. Skip a Few.... 99, 100!

The skip a few part. Uh, Yeah. That has been the theme to my food journaling the past two weeks, I've got a couple days in, but not all. However... I woke up this morning with the motivation that took a serious vacation from me last week!

I feel like bloggerville had a flu going around - not a lot of motivation, some hard weeks on the scale, but let me be the first to say I'm predicting a community-wide come back! Reframing what we are all on here to do - tell the tales of WEIGHT LOSS! Sure there are ups and downs, but I'm feeling it guys! Better eating, stronger workouts, and strong attitudes. Summertime - long days, short shorts, and limitless activities with the ones we love.

Do you feel like gagging yet?

Just had to throw it out there - that like a few other blogs today, I'm also stepping up and re-committing myself, and I'm absolutely excited again.

Things essential to my success / goals for June:
  1. Food / Exercise Tracking on
  2. Planning lunches at work - not buying more than *1* lunch out per week.
  3. 250 minutes of exercise per week.
I'm sure there are other things I could add, but this seems like a reasonable start for me. I've also considered doing a very light, very easy "detox" that's only 7 days long. Is basically no processed food, flour/wheat, or fat for 7 days. Super easy, and just a good way to refresh and cleanse the tastebuds.

It also sounds like I might be hitting Vegas at the end of August - and if that's the case, I'd love to be 15#'s lighter / in the 160's. So when I'm bitching and complaining about things not going well, remind me of that, okay?


  1. Alrighty then! Sounds like a good plan to me!

  2. Good luck with your plan! I see the benefit in journaling but I can never stick to it.

  3. I'll remind you if you remind me mmkkaayy? I love your enthusiasm - you go girl.

  4. Another motivating post! :) I am contemplating a similar 'cleanse' or a fruit & veggie fast...probably next week after my camping trip this weekend. I will probably need it after a weekend of beer, hot dogs, & s'mores.