Monday, March 15, 2010

A Ruined Meal is Not a Ruined Day/Week/Month

Not gonna lie. I had a GREAT weekend... minus the emotional baggage from not following my diet very closely.  Friday night, even after one of the longest afternoons at work ever, I managed to go home and complete Day 2 of P90x. It felt great and my bf even managed to occupy himself for an hour so I didn't need to workout with an audience.  Saturday was a great day. I spent some time with my little sisters, then my bf and I went out to lunch - where the meal was fine, but I had  cocktails. I can't say that I'm forbidding myself to drink or anything, but what I need to do is remind myself what I'm losing out on by drinking - all those empty calories! I should say though, what I'm *not* losing by drinking. I got in my workouts, I was going to try to double up one day so I'm only a week behind my friend Gina in the program, but I think I'll just work through my rest day instead.

The YogaX is a little long for me. Its not so much the yoga - but I wish the program had a little more energy to it. The slow pace made it harder for me to focus - but maybe that's what I'll get out of the DVD is the ability to reign in my thoughts some.

I didn't plan and bring a lunch today - so I think its a Panera "You Pick Two" day for me. Soup and Salad.... I'll look online and plan out my most nutritous option.

One thing that has to get done tonight is my assessment... I can't say that taking pictures of myself right now is all that exciting - but maybe its those pictures I should put on my fridge and cellphone wall paper. Oy. That would remotivate me any time.

Congratulations to Gina - she had a victory with a pair of jeans yesterday and she absolutely energizes me to keep going!


  1. Taking the pictures might not be fun, but looking back on them will be:0) You sound very realistic; what you wrote above is just life! That's the one thing I'm worried about; can I be restrictive without being too restrictive & going on some kind of binge? You've got a good mindset & think it'll serve you well. Just think soon we'll look back and say just crossed off day 45...

  2. Good job completing day 2! The diet part was the hardest for me, and because I was so lax I didn't lose any weight the first two weeks. I'd try to find a healthy balance between restriction and moderation. I didn't lose any weight until I cut out soda and limited eating out to once a week, and that didn't happen until my third and fourth week. Keep it up!!!