Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Honesty is the Best Policy

As I reflect back on what was my first week of P90x, I grade myself a C at best. I didn't get the protein shake yet, didn't do my grocery shopping so I would have my best meals at my disposal, I never took my before pics and measurements, and I want to get a set of heavier weights and a band. I know, excuses excuses. I rushed myself into this thing with out being prepared - and the little bit of Type A personality I have does not respond well to such poor planning! If this thing is going to get 90 days, I want to do it right, for maximum results. Already on my schedule for tonight, instead of drinking the green beers with my friends, I've got a list for Super Target a mile long, and my new dedication and attitude, I've decided Today is really going to by my P90x day one. And I'm okay with that, and really excited. Its nice that I've done a week of the exercises, so I know what I'm doing. I also plan on doing the "classic" version rather than the lean.

Fun tip of the day is that I'm also becoming gung-ho on my favorite blackberry app called "Fat Secret." Its an awesome tool that can track everything that goes into my mouth - and even calculates measured weights for me. You can track your calories, fat, fiber, WW points - lots of options! You can even sync your phone to their online site. Probably my favorite feature? Its FREE!

I'm totally on Day 2 soreness from legs - and although my right ass-cheek soreness has seemed to simmer down a touch - now my calves feel extra shot. It is that GOOD sore though. After a yoga session a few weeks ago that made me believe I caused serious damage to my right hamstring, (see what an attention whore the right side of my body is?) I thought that I was crazy ever thinking that a workout caused a good sore.

Enough rambling for today. Looking forward to a busy and productive St. Patties Day. Maybe I'll have a green lemon sparkling water to celebrate.


  1. Good for you Nora! Is the bf going to join you? What made you try the classic? How did St. Patty's Day turn out? That was the first year in I can't remember that I didn't have a green beer!

  2. Well, he hasn't committed to doing the DVDs yet, but he has started tracking his food on his blackberry! That's exciting!

    I had a green beer last night when I went to dinner for my mom's birthday - but - I was late to dinner because I made sure to get my workout in before I went out.

    I decided to do classic because in the summer I usually get additional cardio in going for walks, so I wanted to focus on challenging my muscles.

  3. I think you are on the right track! You have a great attitude and that is half the battle. Remember that diet is 75 - 80% of the battle. So once you get your diet on track, do your workouts and you will see great results! Water and epsom salt baths will be your best friends to help with the soreness.

  4. That's great! Congrats on completing your first week! It's tough, but it will get better. Just think, in 2 more weeks you'll already be starting your recovery week, which is (almost) cake. :)

    I might have to look into that Blackberry app. As if I needed another reason to constantly use my phone...

  5. That Blackberry app sounds really useful! It’s great how even our mobile phones can be used as an instrument to help us watch out our weight and stick to our diets. They’re really making apps for everything now!

    Kelly Brueggemann