Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Right Ass Cheek Dominant

So I guess this whole P90x thing in combination with blogging about my experience is forcing me to learn things about myself. Like that I’m right ass-cheek dominant. Yowzaa! After last night’s first go at legs and back on P90x, I feel as though today, my right butt cheek has the same fabulousness as a J.Lo or Kim Kardashian rear end. Which leads me to the discovery that I must be right ass-cheek dominant. My right glut got far more attention then its left side twin because it is Sore Sore Sore today. Every move that was performed last night, I felt like this strong power woman on the right side, and like a drunken uncoordinated clown on the left side. So looks like next week’s go at Legs and Back, I’ll need to provide extra special attention to the left side. I’d hate for the left side to feel neglected or seem any less fabulous than its counterpart.

I can’t believe how it’s only been a few days of the program and I really feel much stronger! Especially because it’s an in-house work out. Oh, and last night’s workout had an audience… My BF showed up halfway through my workout and got sucked into the DVD. Granted, he just watched the DVD, and claimed he was becoming tired just watching it, I think he may have actually been inspired enough to give the DVD’s a try! Before I got home from work, he really tempted me to skip my workout when he asked what I had planned for the evening. AND I WAS SO TEMPTED TO SKIP!!!! It made me realize just how critical having someone at home that supports you to do this program is! I’m hoping, that even though he doesn’t seem like the guy that would do an at home workout, I really want him to start, because I think it will help me follow through. We also agreed that we are going to try not to eat at 7 at night anymore.

Part of my 90 days to a better me is that I’m seeing a new chiropractor that is focused on providing “total health” care. So I’ll have 4 weeks of visits to help rid me of my chronic headaches and there is also a nutritional component that reviews what foods are in my system and what nutrients that I’m missing. I’m not looking forward to the obvious – that I have too many white, starchy, refined carbs in my system (mmm… pizza, garlic bread, alcohol, and ice cream) but, I like the idea of getting third party support as I try to add things into my life that are good for me, and portion control all of the things I love and usually end up binging on.

Good luck to all the ladies out there that are trying to own their day and their actions. For some of us, it’s a struggle every meal to choose the right thing, or to get that work out in, but slowly and surely, we will conquer our challenges and OWN our goals. BRING IT!


  1. Norla, you so funny! It made me think of Sassy's column yesterday:-0

    I hope the bf does join you; we could be the fab four by summer's beginning!

    It surprised me too what a great workout it is in your dvd player. Pleasently surprised! I keep thinking it'll get easier cuz I'll get stronger, not fully convinced!

    You go GIRL!

  2. Gina! I have been walking with the meanest limp today... Wow - and my calves too! Watching those crazy folks do all of those chin ups and pull ups kind of made me want to get a door bar to see if i could maybe get close. Do you guys have a bar installed? How do you work those segments?

  3. First of all I have to know, did you rollup the pant leg on said limpy leg?

    My calves ALWAYS burn after that one. This week not sore for as long though, so next week will be better for you I bet.

    We have an over the door chin up bar, but I don't really use it in that workout (Wade does as we do that one together), so I don't think you need it, but if you ever want to try ours, feel free.

    I just use weights & try to mimick the girl with the bands. I figure it's one day & it ought to still be doing something, so it's okay!