Monday, March 22, 2010

Do your best and forget the rest...

That's today's motto for sure. I don't really have anything new or insightful to say today... but my cluttered mind does feel better after a quick blog. Here's the thoughts of the day:

Target: I went to Target over the weekend and spotted a cute bikini. Ambitious, right? Well, my thought was, I would take a now picture in that swimsuit and then plaster that image in my head until I've completed P90x where I can then take an after picture. Turns out, I couldn't get my ass into the swim bottoms, so I didn't even bother with the top. I think that swimsuit is more than one round of P90x away. Good intentions, sour results. The quest continues for swimwear that will continue to motivate me until summer. Oh - and instead of a bikini, I purchased new workout shorts, when I really wanted to head to the frozen food section and pick up a pint of Haagen Daaz chocolate chocolate chip ice cream. Little Victories, right?

Diet this weekend: I would say it was a good 50/50. We had pizza Friday night, but I didn't eat the portions I typically would (you know - half a pizza to match my bf). He has started tracking is food... and sheesh. No wonder I've gained some serious poundage since we've been dating. I eat like a MAN! My BMR is over 1,000 calories less than what his is per day, and being the champ I am, can hang in there bite for bite with him - and can even cross the caloric finish line ahead of him. Gross! I just had one of those epiphany moments where even though I knew that was the case before, somehow it finally just clicked in me. What an eye opener to acknowlege just how out of whack my portions have been lately. I had some alcohol - an entire bottle of wine and then some - and it really drives me nuts to not only feel dehydrated, but my skin looks like shit! No other way to say it, sorry! Not only that - but I didn't get my legs & back x workout in. Ugh. Its so frustrating when in retrospect I can see those self-destructive behaviors - that of course, were fun at the time. Whatever though - what we dwell on we do well on, so I'm not going to dwell on the negative aspects of the weekend, but how excited I am to BRING IT this week.


 - Stay under 1,600 calories / 30 ww points.
 - Get in my P90x workouts in everyday before work the rest of the week - doing my best and forgetting the rest.
 - Water, Water, Water!
 - Pack my own lunch at work everyday!

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  1. It is insane how we tend to eat the same as the men in our lives...but that's what caused me to gain so much of my weight! My husband is 6'4"...and I can/have eaten the same amount of food that he is gross! I hear ya on the bottle of wine plus...why do we do that to ourselves?!?! But way to go on the workout shorts instead of the ice cream!!! The small victories definitely add up! Have a great week!