Friday, November 12, 2010

Running in the elements

Its a cloudy day in the Midwest and we are approaching our first taste of winter weather this evening and into our 5k run tomorrow. The forecast is highs in the 30's and a delightful mix of rain and snow. I'm actually oddly excited to face the elements during tomorrow run.

Which brings me to my next point. Run. I use that term loosely in reference to tomorrow's 5k. I was reading the Hotlegs Runner blog this week (check out the giveaway she has below in my previous entry) and she had this awesome list of 53 Runner's Commandments. #15 is that getting out of shape is much easier than getting into shape. Yes- many of us have been there, but I'm interested to see how things shake out tomorrow. This summer, I was frequently working out and running and finally starting to get into some times that I was happy with. This fall, my working out has been much more sporadic and virtually non-existent in November. My expectation of myself is that this race jump starts my attitude and ambition so that when my official marathon training starts in December I have some endurance back.

What do you think of working out in the elements? How do you prepare for "less than perfect" conditions?

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  1. I'd take cold & rainy over, hot & humid any day. Although it's nice to have a sunny day, the overheating in too hot/humid temps is harder for me than a little too cool & grey. Can't wait to hear how it went for you. Let me know which one you choose for December (if you do) & I'll maybe do it with you. Also in December, Vacation Sports offers their 2011 races at 1/2 off; something to consider to make it cheaper:-)